Shameless Friend Promotion!

My friend Jennifer and her soon-to-be husband Chad are in a contest for free stuff. That’s all I needed to know. They are hoping to get free engagement photos from a cool photographer. She’s got the contest on her blog and needs our votes to win! They are poor college students, like many of us, and every bit counts!

Here’s the link

go and comment! They are Number 5 on the list. She needs as many votes as possible.

So it begins…

I started my internship just under two weeks ago at KBTX-TV in Bryan, TX. I’m over there on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for… just about all day. My day starts with the drive over. It’s about 50-60 miles from Huntsville to Bryan. I leave the house around 7:30 and get to the station about an hour after that. 9 a.m. is the morning news meeting. We set the stories we’ll be working on all day at that meeting. Everyone is supposed to bring story ideas to the meeting, including me, so I try and come up with stuff the night before or on the drive over. The morning meeting usually last about 45 minutes then we break up and get to work.

When I started, KBTX did their own show at Noon. Shortly after me being there, KBTX combined their Noon show with KWTX in Waco. We share stories and some video for the most part, but KW fronts the news and we cut in locally for weather and an interview segment. So it makes planning the Noon show easier now. I usually edit, write, and post stories to the website.

After the show at Noon, it’s lunch time. It’s not uncommon for Hot Pockets to be consumed during this perioud. I have great roommates that are trying to eat healthy, and I’m of the mentality that if you can’t beat’em, join’em. So I’m starting to take my lunch or find healthy choices to get food. Also, by taking my own lunch, I’m not spending money on eating out.

2 p.m. brings the afternoon news meeting. We update the stories we were working on and see what information is new, then set the stories for the evening show. Reporters go out and get interviews and such. I went out last Thursday and interviewed an attorney who is going to the Inauguration. It aired on the 6 and 10 shows that day. That was cool.

I stay at KBTX until after the 6 o’clock show then come home. It’s a long day but I love it. That’s a little insight into how my days go over there. More stories and hopefully pictures and videos to come.

How far I’ve come…

I was going to write an update blog about where I stand on my goals. Unlike Jessica, Natalie, Jenny and nearly everyone else it seems, many of my goals don’t seem to have tangible results. It has gotten me in a funk and really down on myself. I’ve looked at my goals and thought about cutting and replacing some, but everything I wrote means something to me. So I guess this post will be a re-dedication from myself to my goals. This is a very typical thing that I do, start something and then loose interest, but this project is important because the end result is a better Me. So from here on out, I will remain determined.

Running Silent

You’ve probably wondered (or not, that’s cool too) where I have been. No posts in over two weeks, no update on goals; I’ve just disappeared. Well there is a good reason behind it, although not as good as others. I broke my laptop right after Christmas. I got some good news on 12th Street going national and set it on the couch to tell my parents. When I got up, it slid off and broke part of the power cable off inside the power socket. Needless to say, my parents were ecstatic about the show and I was pissed about my computer. Well, two replace parts later (one that was the wrong piece entirely) I’m about half-way there to getting “Ol’ Silverback”… back. Yes I call my 3 1/2 – almost 4 year old Powerbook G4 “Ol’ Silverback” because well… he’s silver. I should have one ordered and on the way courtesy of Ebay on Monday.

You might be asking yourself “Why hasn’t he just purchased a new laptop or moved to a desktop by now.” Answer: I told myself I would keep this laptop while I was in college and that ONLY…. only after I graduated and got a job, would I buy another computer. A corollary to that is if it cost more than $500 to fix. I’ve been really lucky that the two times my laptop has gone down, it has cost less than $100 to fix. No thanks to Apple, by the way, who have always wanted more than $500 to fix anything. I love their products to death, but Apple needs to shut the hell and lower their prices.

All that was to say, I didn’t post because I was enjoying my time away from the technology world. I’m also trying to figure out a balance between the two and not be tied down by my laptop or cellphone. Since I’m back at school and thus back to reality, I will do my very best to stick to my goals and blogging once a week. I have enjoyed catching back up on all that I have missed with my friends and their goals, and look forward to a very productive 2009. On the brighter side… it’s only 3 years away from the apocalypse! It’s true, I heard in on the History Channel.

On this the day of…

I really missed my family. I didn’t know it until I was surrounded by them this week, but they lift me up and give me so much encouragement. I hope everyone finds that this holiday break.

I started one of my sub-goals; to organize my music collection. A lot of it went missing since I replaced the hard drive in my laptop (Apple wanted $1300 to repair it, I did it for $99+shipping). So since one of my goals is to listen to a new album a month I wanted it to be neat and organized. Jess and Mindie went through and did this, adding album art. It makes flipping through your music more fun.

This is the gift giving season, no matter what you celebrate (unless it’s a no-gift-giving tradition), and I got a ton of great clothes. Two new suits: one Michael Kors, the other some Italian designer. Several great shirts and pants. All I need now are some shoes and I’m working on that this weekend. So that helps with goal #28.

I start my internship on January 6th at KBTX-TV in Bryan. I can’t wait. I told the News Director that I could start after Christmas. He laughed and told me to start in January when everyone would be back in. I plan to blog about it alot, or as much as I can. I’ll be keeping a journal as well.

What I do on days like today…

I’m sitting in our control room at the University, making copies of newscasts I’ve been in for my demo tape. This will allow me to have more material to send to potential employers. If I was a good student, I would have done this already, like the day after it aired. But… since it’s the end of the semester and there is literally NO ONE in the building, it’s kind of nice.

I was very happy to see that another one of my friends has joined the 101 madness. Natalie, or DJ Roxy as she is known on the HuntsVegas airwaves, started her journey. It’s a great list, here’s a link.

Jessica, my roommate, is making very good progress on here list. That I am proud of as well. It’s encouraging to see your friends start to achieve things.

I’ve been watching Fringe online and It’s a J.J. Abrams show dealing with fringe science; stuff like teleportation, and all that. I’m finding it to be incredibly interesting and many times frightening. Now I know that makes me sound like a big baby, but you try watching that show in an empty apartment at midnight and see if you don’t turn every light on.

I’m looking forward to the Holiday Break. Getting to spend some time with the family and old friends. I’m also going to get as much done on my correspondence Spanish as humanly possible. I would like to finish that goal early.

One last thing. I heard from my internship coordinator at KBTX. I should have everything set up before next year. I’m trying to get my schedule over there set up so I can see how much I can work. Gotta make that money.

Now I have to pay attention…

In looking over my goals, I realize a lot of them are strung out over the span of 1,001 days. That’s grand and all, but it leaves me feeling unsatisfied. I have to take a page out of Jessica’s play book. I’m going to create a few goals that I can accomplish in short order. It’s really just about feeling good about myself, but hey I can do that. Here’s what I have come up with:

  • Organize my music
  • Organize my pictures
  • Organize receipts for taxes (yay! not)
  • Organize bills and important papers

As a side note, I’ve actually been keeping some of my long running goals up.

9. Call my mother once a week


43. Talk to my brother once a week

But I haven’t been running twice a week. Winter just hit Huntsville so I’ll have to find the time to go to a gym. It’s going to be a rough goal for me to tend to, because I can really procrastinate. Trust me, if it were an Olympic sport I’d be gold, baby.

My Tuesday night…

It’s Tuesday night. There’s snow falling outside. Friends are sitting in my living room and we’re watching Rob and Big. Tonight feels like being in college. I had a snow ball fight with my roommates and made a snowman on somebody’s trunk. Then we launched it into the air. You won’t believe how awesome it is to see a snowman hit the ground.

I’m working on my video blog for this month. It’s going to be focused on me making my snack dish for our apartment Christmas get-together. Its called Muddy Buddy and its like a party in your mouth. You’ll find out more in the video blog. I’ll also have some pics and video of the snow and hijinks ensuing. My awesome friend Mindie will be running camera and editing it for me. Hope to have it up by the weekend.