UPDATE: The List 2.0

Brief update:

Go a week without eating out. ✔

I’ve gone almost three weeks without eating out! Thanks to L and the Whole 30 journey we’ve been on, I haven’t had one meal that wasn’t cooked at home (or someone else’s home). It’s feels remarkable! My bank account appreciates the break as well.

Go on a date. ✔

I did. And it was great. And it paid off, too. 🙂


Drop 10 pounds.

This goal isn’t confirmed yet. Neither is the one after it, drop 20 pounds. I’m waiting until the end of Whole 30 to check my weight. I feel slimmer, and many people have said I look slimmer, but I’m going to have to wait to confirm.

No beer or alcohol for 31 days.

Again, thanks to Whole 30 for helping my out with this goal, quite by accident. L brought it up one day that I could cross this one off my list at the end of Whole 30. So, yay!

May 29th is the end date for my second list. I’ve already started working on List 3.0. Never too soon to start think about your next set of goals. There were a lot of things that I thought would be important, but haven’t been. Others will be added to the next list. Check out my list if you need some inspiration or ideas! Make a list for yourself!

Choose Your Own Adventure Roadtrip

It’s a simple idea, really. Pick three places, put them in envelopes and then choose.

Lauren, Breanne & I decided that Josh would love the idea. Breanne executed the lie perfectly (that they were surprising her parents at home). The three of us researched and packaged three different trips. Friday, after a long week and long day at work, Lauren & I show up at the door.

Josh was clueless. (That meant it worked)

We explained the idea of three blind trips. Josh had spent the last month opining about wanting the four of us to take a trip. Now, he had no idea where we going. The trip was happening. He looked at the three manilla envelopes and chose the one marked “2.”

We were headed to the Hill Country!


We loaded our bags into Lauren’s rental car and took off. I’ve never been to New Braunfels before. It’s a cool little town that seems to have its own way of life. We spent most of our night at the Pour Haus; an almost entirely outdoor bar with swings instead of bar stools. Listened to some great music and made friends with a woman turning 50 – something. She gave us some phenomenal life advice that still circles my head.

Saturday was spent exploring. We visited Jacob’s Well first, near Dripping Springs. Mistakenly, we thought you had to take the tour to get to the well. That was not true, but we had already committed to the tour.
Jacob’s Well is freezing cold. And awesome!

We dry off and grab some lunch. Chicken Salad sandwiches and beer in red solo cups. We’re the best pinicers. After lunch, we decide we want to check out Hamilton Pool.
20130817_150530 20130817_14584420130817_145906

We spent our afternoon there. I think it’s the closest place that matches what you find in Mexico (places like Xcarat). Breathtaking.

We head back to New Braunfels, sunned and completely relaxed, and check in to the haunted hotel. The Faust in NB is, like, legit haunted. The rooms, however, are small. Interior staterooms on cruise ships are mansions compared to these rooms.
We shower, nap, and get ready to hit Gruene, TX! I’d never been to Gruene (pronounced “green”).

It’s home to the famous Gruene Hall, where countless country recording artists got their start. We had dinner at the Grist Mill and walked the town square. Gruene is primarily a tourist attraction now, although people live there. Like New Braunfels, I can’t imagine what living there must be like when thousands of people invade on the weekends.

Saturday ends with us at a piano bar. We saw a couple get engaged, then make out with other people, some college guys take their shirts off and two bachelorette parties. It was a successful night.

Sunday meant SCHLITERBAHN-BAHN-BAHN. I don’t have any pictures from there because I didn’t have a waterproof case for my phone. This was another place that I’d never been. I can’t say that my life is any better after visiting the humongous water park, but I can say I have been there.

Traveling back to B/CS on Sunday was bittersweet. After having such a remarkably awesome weekend, none of us wanted to go back to work. We spent the trip back recounting the amazing moments of the weekend. Looking back on it, I realize I didn’t take nearly enough pictures. That’s both a good and bad thing.

Mumford & Sons in Austin, TX

Let me start this by saying I’ve never been to a real, outdoor concert for a real, current band. I decided my first time should be to Mumford & Sons in Austin.

Shel & I got some lawn tickets from a Twitter follower of mine for a reasonable price. We knew of a bunch of our friends from Bryan/College Station who were going, and had lawn tickets. We were stoked. It was a Sunday night. He and I both took off work the next day.

Just getting to the venue and seeing the other people who showed up early was exciting. Everyone was as cool as could be. It didn’t matter what you did during the day; you were here now. We get inside and discover the line for the lawn section is about a mile in length. We laugh and make friends. My friend Tucker is Vining the whole experience.

Then some guy, in a venue shirt, stops by and asks if we want pit passes. Most of us were skeptical, but Tucker wasn’t. He asks how much. The man said they were free. We just needed to show the people at the gate our wrist bands. Like that, the day turned magical. I’ll let the pictures finish this story.

Teeth. Chompers. Pearly Whites.

Let me start with a truth; I haven’t been to the dentist in well over a decade.

I get anxious. It’s the sound of the drill, the feeling of your teeth being scraped. It makes my skin crawl. As a kid, years of swallowing antibiotics wore the enamel down on my teeth. There was a 2-year period that I had strep throat every three months.
My teeth.

I knew that my fear was irrational and immature. So did the people I work with. They made some recommendations on where to go, who to see, who would be the best.

I got a phone call one day at lunch. The dentist office had a cancellation. I was in.

I’m not going to share the overly gross details. It had been a while and my teeth showed it. They are in relatively good health, but needed to be cleaned, BAD.

Two hours after I got there, they deep cleaned just the left side. I had to make an appointment for the right side.

“There’s just too much to clean in one day.” – my dentist.

That jerk. That very honest jerk.

At the end of the day, I’m glad I went. Teeth are very important, especially in my job. Plus, I like to smile and I’d like my smile to shine a bit brighter. With the help of my dentist, I’ve got a road map on turning things around.

Hope I didn’t gross anyone out 🙂

Check another goal of my 101 in 1,001 listGo to the dentist each year. I’ll be going back more than once over the next year, but it’s a start!

Olympic Gold, Midtown Men and Bar-B-Que

So, I had a pretty solid week.

I wore an Olympic Gold medal.
Olympic. Gold.

It was awesome. Demetrius Pinder and Aries Merrett both live and train in the area.

They competed in London this summer and won GOLD.
They were on the 4 o’clock show. Couldn’t be nicer guys.

Met the Midtown Men.
The opened the 40th Season MSC OPAS at Texas A&M.
They woke up and came on the morning show, which is awesome.
Daniel and Christian were great guys.

Went and saw their show Thursday night. Awesome show! See them if you can.

Went with Shel Winkley to his presentation at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.
He talked about weather (obviously) and I talked about news n junk.
Got a free lunch AND a sweet St. Joe’s baseball hat!

We had a grill out at the station for lunch on Friday.
Our engineers bought a grill, so we had to test it out.
Grilled chicken, potato salad, beans and cookies.
Somehow I ended up as gill-master.
No one got sick and people even complimented me!

Still can’t believe I wore an Olympic medal though…

I Like to Eat. A lot.


This should be no shock to me. I love food. Who doesn’t?

I’ve stumbled upon a group of people who love food as much as I do. In fact, they share photos of their food on an almost daily basis. Any food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, late dinner, snacks. It’s all there.

The foodporn is outrageous.

ImageIt seems just about everyone on Instagram is obsessed with showing off their food. I’m no different. I love taking pictures of what I’m about to devour. The downside? I have a visual record of why my pants no longer fit.

Follow me? I might share… mikeoder

Picture Books. My Favorite!

If you’re a history buff like me (it was minor in college) then this might interest you.


Glenn D. Davis to sign books at Barnes and Noble and Hastings on Saturday College Station, Texas (February 22, 2011) – Local author, Glenn D. Davis will be at two book stores this Saturday, Feb. 26, to sign his new pictorial history book College Station. The new colorful history of College Station and Texas A&M has been released from Arcadia Publishing, in its “Images of America” series. Using over 200 archived, historical photos and extended captions, this new book takes a fresh look at local history through a unique lens.

Saturday, February 26, 2011, from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. 
 Barnes and Noble, 711 Texas Avenue South in College Station, 979.764.8955.

Saturday, February 26, 2011, from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. 
 Hastings Books in Culpepper Plaza on Texas Avenue South in College Station, 979.693.2619.

Available locally at Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Walgreen’s, and the College Station Conference Center. College Station may also be ordered from online distributors such as Amazon.com.

And a little about the author…
GLENN D. DAVIS was born in Bryan, but grew up in Wellborn and Somerville. After spending a career abroad as a foreign correspondent, he returned to his hometown in 2007 to teach International Studies at Texas A&M and an introductory course in journalism at Blinn College.

Thanks to Anne Boykin with the City of College Station!