I forgot about this

It’s pretty apparent that I forgot about my website. The last post was on September 11, 2015! (Check it out) This is the story of my life, always forgetting something. I’ve felt the urge to write, so maybe I’ll use this space that I pay for each year more often (no promises).

I do have one thing to cross off the #101in1001!

Buy a GoPro

GoproI got one for Christmas from my parents! I haven’t really used yet. Hoping to get out this weekend and try it out. Need to get a few more accessories for it, too.

I did make a video for my friend Shel’s class at Texas A&M. I usually speak each year about being a reporter. I tried to do my best “YouTuber” impression. It’s really hard!

I won’t be sharing the video here. It wasn’t the best quality. Despite shooting and editing video for a living, I struggled HARD with putting it together.

Not my finest moment as a video journalist.

Beyond that, I’ve actually got a personal trainer and have been going twice a week for almost three months! Starting to make some pretty substantial progress, including deadlifting 275 lbs! (Check out the video here!)

It was a pretty proud moment for my trainer, Lia.

I’m working on some other stuff as summer approaches. Hope to update this more frequently!

Hello again!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted here and I’m hoping to fix that. I just check the 101 in 1001 list and I’ve got some updating to do! Hope you’ll come back and see what I’ve been up to!


401k on the move!

Already starting work on my goals from The List 3.0. I started the process of moving my old 401k from a previous employer to my new job. Very thankful to the patient customer service reps at both places for walking me through the steps.

Hoping to cross this goal off the list very soon!

The List 3.0 is Complete!

wpid-2015-01-03-14.54.49.jpg.jpegIt’s done!

I finished my next set of goals! This is the third time I’m trying the “101 in 1001” format. It’s a manageable number and decent amount of time to get goals accomplished. Each time I cross more of the list. My friend Jessica and I started this back in college. Sadly, there are a few goals from the first list that keep getting dragged into a new list.

Now that the third version is done, I’m going to take a few days and edit it down. There are some extra goals just outside the 101 that I think I can squeeze in. There are a few goals that have been dragged up from the first list that I should just let go (like learning to play the guitar).

My last list only saw 25 goals get accomplished. I need to raise that number. There are a couple of goals on the third list that can be easily crossed off once I start. It’s good to have a couple of ringers on there to get the moment going.

Each time I make a list, I try to make goals that are constructive. A lot of the financial goals in the past haven’t been fulfilled. I’m trying to keep the goals small and doable. Instead of saying I’m going to “Get in better shape,” I’ll make a goal of “Going to the gym once a week” or “Meet with a personal trainer.”

A lot of the goals are very “New Year’s Resolution-y.” By not tying them down to this year, I’m hoping to get a lot more accomplished. I hope to have The List 3.0 up soon!

What goals are you setting for yourself? Are the resolutions for the new year or for a new life?

Thanksgiving in Nola


New Orleans is almost the halfway point between Houston and Birmingham. That means I’ll probably spend a lot more time there than I ever have before! My best friend Josh and his family drove over after Thanksgiving and I drove down to met them. Josh and I have been to New Orleans many times: my brother’s 21st birthday, his bachelor party, St. Patrick’s Day. There’s always something to do in New Orleans.


This trip, we went to the Mardi Gras float factory. It was pretty awesome! They make all the floats, store them and do work for theme parks and hotels. The company also does the Chick-fil-A cows. They didn’t have any cows when we were there (bummer), but the scale of things they did have was amazing.




Most of the creations are Styrofoam sheets glued together and sculpted by hand. Then they cover them in paper mache and paint!


It was really great getting to see Josh, Breanne and his mom, dad and brother. I couldn’t get all the way back home for Thanksgiving, so it was great to spend some time with people I consider family.

The Next Chapter

I’m proud to announce that I’ve accepted a job in Birmingham, Alambama!

WIATI’ll be joining the WIAT 42 News team as a multi-media journalist. I’ll start there on October 27th. My last day on-air at KBTX will be October 17th.

The decision to move on from KBTX is a difficult, but I’m ready to make the next step in my career. The opportunities I’ve had with News 3 are enough for an entire lifetime in television. The friends I’ve made in Bryan/College Station have made huge impacts on my life and I’ll never forget them. The viewers in the Brazos Valley are some of the most caring, encouraging and inspiring people I’ve ever met.

I know there are great things ahead for me and the experience I’ve had in B/CS has prepared me for the next chapter.

If you want to follow my journey, follow me on twitter at @TVsMichaelOder or on Facebook.

More information about the new job in Alabama is coming.

I haven’t been this excited for something unknown in a long time!

UPDATE: The List 2.0


There are a few more things I can scratch off the list. 

 ✓ Drop 10 pounds

I actually dropped 15! The Whole30 really worked. I was leary, at first, but it changed the way I think about food. Read all about it here

 ✓ No beer or alcohol for 31 days

This was part of the Whole30 cleanse. I thought it would be harder. There were times when I definitely wanted a beer, but I’m glad I stayed strong and got through it.

 ✓ Build a resume tape

I finally put one together! It was a nightmare going through all of my old work. I’m my biggest critic. There’s some good stuff there, though. Every reporter and anchor has a tape. It doesn’t mean anything specific. Just good to have, in case of emergencies. 


One Month Left on List 2.0

I have one month left to get as much accomplished on List 2.o!

Really didn’t think the end would sneak up on me like it has, but here we are. There were a lot of good things accomplished on this list; a lot of lofty goals. Not all of them were realistic. Some of the goals were far-fetched.

I haven’t even started on List 3.0 yet!

I think the next set of 1,001 days holds a lot of change, both professionally and personally. L and I talk about the future a lot. Where we might be in say 6 months, or a year.

I’ll start clearing through the accomplishments and failures tonight and have a recap later this week. Here are a few of my List 2.0 update posts.

Whole 30, Complete

Today is Whole30+1.

For 30 days, I haven’t had dairy, alcohol, grains or unnatural sugar. I always feel like people ask what I can’t have during Whole30. Here’s what I get from Whole30.

More energy
Better sleep
Clearer skin
Lower blood pressure
A better feeling about my body (I don’t feel like crap all the time)

The biggest benefit? I lost 15 pounds.

I started at 193. This morning, I weighed 178. I lost weight by simply changing what I ate. No working out. Just food. Diet has never been an important thing for me, which probably got me to the place I was before. Thankfully, I have L and great friends that supported me making this change. I feel remarkable. I haven’t felt that about my body in a long time.

It feels good!