Crossing the street


Shot this crosswalk sign and button on a blustery Monday night in the East Lake community of Birmingham. The porn theater across the street is being closed down and redeveloped by neighboring business owners. It was the “golden hour” around sunset. That time of day that makes everything look amazing.

Turning 28 in Birmingham

View of Birmingham, Alabama from the top of Red Mountain.

I’ll tell ya, I never thought this is where I would be at 28.

That’s, by no means, a negative statement! I’m in a wonderful city with deep history and friendly people doing what I love to do. I just never imagined it.

My coworker Jamie brought me a cupcake for my birtbday!

There’s something about your birthday that makes you realize your place in the universe. It could be the fact that I’m so far from my family and friends back in Texas, that I’m still making friends here or both. For the first time in my life, I’m on my own. That’s terrifying and exhilarating at the same time!

27 was such an amazing year. It feels like 28 is starting out less than great. I have to remind myself that I’m in the driver’s seat. There’s no excuse for 28 not to be the best year of my life!

Now, all I need to do is actually get out bed and go do stuff…

Working in Birmingham

Facing west, and the setting sun, after all-day rain in Birmingham, AL.

Just a small update to say hello and that I’ve been working hard in Birmingham, Alabama. Lots of stuff to share with you, but I snapped this at a red light today after it rained.

No filter. No effect. Just really like how it turned out.

More stuff to come! Head over to the social page and check out my links. You can follow along at home!

That’s Mr. Cattle Baron, to you…

Good news, everyone!

Josh Gorbutt and I have been asked to co-chair the upcoming Cattle Baron’s Ball! Cattle Baron’s benefits the American Cancer Society. It is their biggest fundraiser of the year. Unfortunately, they aren’t holding one in 2014. Instead, they are regrouping and planning on relaunching in 2015.

Sorry for the MS Paint photo job. A rough approximation of our co-chair job.

It’s going to be a year of planning, meetings and hard work. I know that we can pull it off and make the 2015 CB Ball one of the best in Brazos Valley history. The last, great CB Ball was in 2008. They raised a ton of money for ACS.

I’m excited and really anxious. Josh and I work really well as a team. We’ve done it for nearly 5 years, in one form or another, at KBTX. He and I understand that there will be differences. We don’t have the same set of strengths. Hopefully, with the help of a great committee, we can make the most of our skills.

Our best friend Lauren is on the committee, too. We’re working with some great local business and community leaders. In the few weeks, since we were approached and asked, I’ve learned so much about ACS. The amount of support for cancer survivors is tremendous. I told Josh that my biggest challenge will be making ACS seem approachable to those who might want to sponsor CB Ball or donate. I want them to know specifically what each dollar goes towards. Accountability is key in ensuring trust with those who wish to help.

Josh and I looking a bit more professional with Dan Rather.
Josh and I looking a bit more professional with Dan Rather.

The bottom line is, cancer affects everyone. No one is removed. You will, at some point in your life, deal with cancer. The American Cancer Society is working 24 hours a day to end that battle. You want to know the really great thing? They say that they’re close. Research is going gangbusters. Progress is made every day. I’m glad I can be part of an organization that could, one day, eradicate cancer.

There’ll be plenty more about the 2015 Cattle Baron’s Ball in the future. I just wanted to share the news!

I Was Stabbed

(WARNING: There are some slightly gruesome pictures in this post. I’ll try and keep them under the jump cut.)

I stabbed myself.

In the hand.

Quite by accident.

It’s really as simple as that. I was at an event representing that station and breaking down our booth. I was trying to cut down a banner being held up by zipties. The pocket knife I was using jumped the tie and plunged directly into my left hand. Then came the blood. So much blood.

Thankfully, my friend Jordan was in the booth next to me. He jumped over and helped hold my hand together while sending others to get the paramedics. They called for an ambulance to take me to the ER. I haven’t been to the ER since I was a kid (I was an accident prone kid).

Photos after the jump…

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Groceries Stores, dude.

20140130_171225The grocery store never frightened me. In fact, growing up, the grocery store usually meant I got candy. My favorite part is picking the one treat at the register; a reward for your hard work picking the food things you think you can cook and eat. I never bought groceries. I never planned meals. Hell, in college, I had an awesome roommate that cooked and knew what to buy. I was more than happy to fund the trip.

Whole 30 requires a different outlook on the grocery store.

I’m not complaining, really. Although, actually going to the store to find food to cook and eat is an experience best done at 5 p.m. on a weekday. The hardest part for me has been planning out meals. Who knows where the day will take me? I could be working all day, get sent on assignment out-of-town or crave Pei Wei. Once you have a meal plan, trips to the grocery store are simple.


Now, avoiding all the ridiculous stuff is still a chore. I think I’m learning to like going to the store? It’s a weird feeling. A warm familiarity takes me over when I walk through the doors, pushing a jank cart. Whole 30 raised my awareness of how much over-processed, sugar’d up food exists. Don’t get me wrong, I still desperately want to gorge on all of it. Self-control is son-of-a-bitch.

20140130_173853P.S. – When did Capri Suns get so awesome looking? It’s like juice from the future.

Eating Better

I have to eat better. Primarily because I’m not 19 anymore. At 27, I don’t really know how to cook for myself. I don’t really know what real food is. I spend most of my meal times in drive thru lanes. It takes a toll on your body. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, a sizeable gut. You find yourself not being able to catch your breath. It’s pretty awful.

So, I decided to make a change.

ItStartsWithFoodI have to thank L for getting me the book “It Starts With Food.” It outlines why the Whole 30 program is good for you. It’s not a plan of replacing bad meals with less bad meals. There are no shakes or meal replacements. I don’t have to buy any specially cooked and prepared food. I’m eating real food, cooked by me.

It’s sort of terrifying.

I’ve tried in the past to change the way I eat. They haven’t been successful. This time, I’ve got L to get me¬†through it. Several other close friends have made similar changes to their diet and have been encouraging. Essentially, it was time. I don’t like the way I feel when I get up in the morning. I don’t like the way I look in the mirror. I don’t like ¬†that my close don’t fit anymore. It is time to change all of that.

Plus, the recipes that L has collected look really delicious. I’ve promised him that I won’t cook the same thing over and over again. It’s only Day 2 and I’m tired of ground turkey and sweet potatoes. I’m a novice in the kitchen, if I don’t like eating something, I’ll just have to figure out a new dish to make.

Here’s to 28 more days!