Defining Life at 26

KBTX is the first station I’ve worked for post-graduation. I worked here before graduation, too. I was very lucky to get a part-time job as a photographer. Very quickly I met people here that have changed my life. Many I consider to be best friends. Working at KB feels like being part of a large family.

Our General Manager, Mike Wright, does a great job about reminding us about the “family.” He asked us to come up with a set of defining statements a few years ago in one of those painful all-station meetings. “Write down why you think we are important to the community,” he instructed. “Why should people care about what we do?” he continued. After smaller sessions and some filtering, he came out with four simple axioms:

I trust KBTX.
KBTX does not waste my time.
KBTX is easy to watch and easy to do business with.
KBTX cares about the community and about my family.

He also made them into tiny cards to keep at our desk, or in my case, my wallet. I carry it around everywhere. I don’t think about it nearly as much as I should.

The other day, in an department meeting, our Internet Director Thomas made a presentation about forward planning. He’s the newest departmental head hire and began by talking about our defining statements. He had just been made aware of them. It could only have been done by an outsider, but he managed to sum up the four statements into four words:

Thorough – Relevant – Efficient – Ethical

It blew me away.

Thomas managed to put our philosophy into four succinct words. He also made the point that these four ideas are pretty good personal life goals as well. We should all strive to be thorough, relevant, efficient and ethical.

Again, he blew my mind.

I’ve never taken the time to sit down and write out my position on topics. Journalists take the easy way out and say “objectivity” keeps us from having strong opinions or feelings. It’s not entirely true. We all have to stand for something. Those four words hit me like a brick house in that meeting. Suddenly, I was taking notes. I was speaking out when asked for input. Suggesting ideas for 2013.

It’s been only a few days since that meeting, but I find myself looking at the card more. Trying to remember why I need to be thorough, relevant, efficient and ethical in my job and life. Being relevant to the people I love and care for. Be thorough in what I’m doing, at work or at home. Efficiency goes with being thorough. Get it right the first time, but don’t dally. Being ethical is a sterile way of saying “make the right choices.” Doesn’t always apply to the group. You have to make the right choice for you.

I turned 26 five days ago. I was struggling to rediscover my relevance in life. I wasn’t being as thorough as I wanted in my job. I know I wasn’t being efficient in anything. As for ethical, I haven’t broken any laws or made any regrets, mainly because I haven’t made any choices at all.

I was in a rut.

Hearing Thomas’ brief, personal message about how it’s important to have definition in your life pulled me up out of the muck.

Does anyone else have personal defining statements? Do you have them written down? How often do you look at them?

Man’s Best Friend


I love this dog.

Don’t get home nearly enough to spend time with him.

Cash is going on 8 (I think).

He’s an old man who still likes to run around. I haven’t been home 4 hours, and he’s already slobbered all over me, knocked me over and played in the water hose while I washed the patio down.

He obeys me when I tell him not to run off. We weren’t in the front yard 3 minutes before he decided he wanted to smell like grass.

Cash lives with the folks. Would have taken him with me when I moved to Bryan, but JoePa (roommate) got a pup named Farley.

Farley’s adorable, but there’s only room for one dog in my heart.

I’m thankful for a lot this Thanksgiving. My family and my friends, furry or not.

Funny Women.


Just finished Bossypants by Tina Fey. Incredibly funny and insightful. I’m a big fan of “30 Rock” and the book chronicles the beginning of that show.

There is something awesome about women that are funny. And smart. And, admittedly, scared to death. If you haven’t read this book and are a fan of Tina Fey, go buy it now.


It’s not a long read. Fey keeps the book funny throughout. Nothing like laughing by yourself in your room at night to reassure the roommates you’re sane. It’s that funny. You giggle at something on every page.

Fey also touches on the plight of the female comedian. (SPOILER: She’s thinks it’s bullshit the way women comedy writers and actresses are treated.)

Bossypants wasn’t on my reading list. I don’t think I’ve finished a single book from that list, actually. This was a pleasant interruption. Glad my roommate threw it down the hall when I said I hadn’t read it.


I like to think of myself as a Bond fan. There’s not a bad movie, in my opinion. I don’t own them all on DVD, but I do enjoy a Bond marathon on TV from time to time. What I AM a fan of is Bond theme songs. Seriously. I have a mix CD (read: mix tape) of nothing but Bond themes. Nancy Sinatra’s “You Only Live Twice.” Frank’s “From Russia With Love.” Even Tina Turner’s “Golden Eye.


When Daniel Craig took the helm as bond, the themes matured. Part of that change is the change in music. I think it turned darker. Craig’s Bond is a darker version (except for his hair, which is blond). So, when I heard Adelle’s “Skyfall” I fell in love.


First off, it’s Adelle. Let’s be real, she’s got the voice of a generation. Second, “Skyfall” is everything that Bond should be, especially Craig’s Bond. It’s sexy, dark, dramatic. You know the mood of the movie from listening to the song.

I love it.

Do you have a favorite Bond movie? Leave them in the comments below! In no order: GoldenEye, Moonraker, Casino Royal, Quantum of Solace, Goldfinger.

Remember that time I became an ordained minister?

Priesthood was never a life goal of mine. I never thought I’d “hear the word of the Lord” and go into ministry. That’s not to say that I’m agnostic, or atheist. Born and raised in the Methodist church, I’ve seen the things that can’t be explained except by faith.

Jen and Chad with their awesome officiant!

For five dollars my friend Jake had me ordained. Online. He and his (now-wife) Mindy asked me to officiate their wedding. It’s a huge honor and I said yes.

I married my best friend Jennifer and her (now-husband) Chad in Colorado a couple years back (May 2010). It was a great ceremony in the mountains and everyone danced and laughed and was merry. In Colorado, you don’t have to be an ordained minister.

Jake and Mindy, the happy couple.

For Jake and Mindy, I talked about love, dinosaurs and horror movies. I think it was a perfect fit. Everyone danced and laughed and was merry. The only difference this time was I could be called Reverend TV’s Michael Oder.


I could have gone with High Priest or Pastor. Reverend just felt right, ya know?

I’m glad my friends trust me enough to write and speak the words that bond them in marriage. A blessing on their houses…

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. -Germaine Greer

That time I danced Gangnam on TV

We have a lot of fun on Brazos Valley This Morning.
I’ve been on the show for over a year now and Barbara and Shel make waking up at ungodly hours worth it.

On Monday, we showed the Korean music video that is sweeping the internet – Gangnam Style by PSY. See it here.

The song is super catchy, right? Try not to be in a better mood after hearing it.
Plus, you know, this happens:

Back to me, working the hours we do on the morning show (my alarm goes off at 2:45am) we try and keep it awesome.
So then, this happened as we went to commercial break:


Yeah, we danced off the set. It’s really just 90 minutes of fun each morning.

Why am I doing this?

My friend Amy over at Interpret As You May is starting a series on “how to blog.” She’s celebrating her two year blogiversary.

*clickity* Give her blog some love. 

Her first post asked three questions.

Who are you? What do you like? and How private are you?

She crafts a pretty great mission statement for her blog from it. She’s also had two years to really refine that statement.

Got me thinking about my blog here. I’ve always struggled with trying to find other things besides work to talk about. Then it hit me; I like my job. I love my job, actually. I’ve been worried I would bore everyone. My job lets me do some pretty cool things and go pretty neat places.

So, if I were to answer those three questions, it would look like this:

I’m a television anchor and reporter that loves TV news, sci fi and space who has no trouble sharing my life with anyone who will listen. 

I’ll try not to get to jargon-y or technical. Just hope you’ll enjoy some of the things I love getting to do every day.

Let me know if you have a blog or website! I’d love to read it! (and bookmark it!). Better yet, who do you read online? Drop a link in the comments!

A bone marrow donor, no longer

Talking to my mom tonight I realized I haven’t updated everyone on my status as a bone marrow donor.

Back in August I was asked by the National Bone Marrow Registry to give a blood sample. It appeared, on paper, that I was a match for a mid-40s white man on the East Coast. He has acute myelogenous leukemia. See this post about the process.

About two weeks ago, I got a phone call from the donor coordinator in Houston. They found a better match in the registry (I assume they keep testing potential donors in case something happens). The recipient, obviously, was going to choose the donor that was best for him. I was no longer needed as a donor.

There’s a little disappointment that comes in hearing that. You have to prepare yourself to be a donor and when you don’t get to see it through, you feel unsatisfied. It’s a completely selfish feeling, of course, because this guy is getting the absolute best donor in the registry.

A life is still being saved. That’s what counts.

Added bonus, I’m still in the registry. I was told that my phone would be ringing again, sometime soon.

New computer

I had to bite the bullet and buy a new computer. Not my proudest moment. I went from being militantly Mac to buying a PC. My new ASUS laptop was cheap, holds a charge and connects to the internet. Three things my 7-year-old PowerBook G4 was not and could not.

A laptop under $400 isn’t the most powerful, but it’s getting the job done.

This covers another check on my List 2.0. I’ll take it. I’m saving up for a new Mac desktop.

Until then, I’ll be a PC guy.